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Monday, March 28, 2011

Day Two = District Leader !

We get our first email from David and he says just one day after entering the MTC he was called to be District Leader....The day after I got here I was assigned as District Leader. This is like a quorum president. I'm responsible for the other 5 elders and 4 sisters in my district. I get mail, correct any behavioral issues that might come up, and lead the classes we have. It's a pretty big responsibility. I figure I have to be less confident in interviews with the Branch Presidency in order to avoid these kinds of things."

I had asked David about his companion and other roommates... "My companion is Elder Flores. He's a convert of a year and a half from California. He's quiet, but when he starts teaching he gains confidence. It's pretty cool to see the change. My roommates, Elder Gibbons and Elder Radnoti, are from Europe. Elder Gibbons is from England and Elder Radnoti is from Germany. I hadn't really thought about meeting internationals before I came in. They're crazy and entertaining."

He talks about his experience in the MTC.... "The program here is amazing. I had gone on splits with one of the elders in our ward and he taught like he'd been out for a year and a half, but he'd only been out for five weeks. He told me it was because of the program at the MTC, and I can see it now. I've had lots of practice teaching mock investigators and received feedback for anything I need to work on. Before I got here I wasn't sure how I'd perform if I hadn't been to the MTC, but now I'm already confident that I can do some great work in the field."

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